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TM200VP 믹싱밸브(Thermostatic mixing valve)
Honeywell TM200VP-3/4ZC 15mm Thermostatic Mixing Valve TMV3 D08 Specification c/w Isolators 4in1
제품안내 Product Characteristic

Thermostatic mixing valves of this type provide control of the water temperature and are used:**For centralised control on hot water supply units or for localised control adjacent to point-use outlets.**In heating systems with underfloor heating or for limiting boiler return temperatures Where a system includes a hot water circulation circuit, a KB 191 return flow retarder unit (see accessories) must be fitted to prevent cold water backfeeding and cooling the mixed water at the outlets.


• Highly sensitive thermal element with good all-round water temperature sensing, even at low flow rates.
• Simple setting of the required water temperature.
• Scald protection - the hot water inlet is automatically cut off if the cold supply fails provided that the hot water inlet temperature is at least 10 K higher than that of mixed water setting.
• The cold water inlet is automatically cut off if the hot supply fails.
• Inner components are of scale-resistant materials.
• Complies with KTW requirements

Product Specifications
Application Thermostatic mixing valve with scald protection
Connection Type thread
Pipe Size (inch) 3/4"
Pipe Size (DN) DN20
Operating Temperature Range (C) 30°C-60°C
Capacity (Cv) 25L/min

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