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FNN76CS 필터
제품안내 Product Characteristic
The FKN76CS filter combinations comprise reverse rinsing filter and pressure reducing valve in one appliance. They ensure a continuous supply of filtered water. The fine filter stops the ingress of foreign bodies, for example rust particles, strands of hemp and grains of sand. The pressure reducing valve prevents pressure damage and reduces water consumption. The integrated appliances correspond to the requirements of the current DIN/DVGW specification. Features of the individual components also apply for the combination unit. FKN76CS filter combinations are especially suited for the retrofitting and modernisation of existing water supply systems in buildings where an existing filter is to be repalaced. The existing connectors can be reused. Where connections dimensions are different, an adapter can be used.

Approvals DVGW-approval requested
Media Water
Body material brass, dezincification resistant
Spring bonnet material synthetic material
Port diameter 1 inch
DN size 25 mm
Max. media temperature 40 oC
Pressure rating PN16
Flow capacity Kvs 6
Filter mesh 100 micron
Pressure setpoint range 1,5 ... 6 bar
Setpoint scale yes
Transparant strainer chamber yes
Balanced seat design yes
Reverse rinsing with filtered water yes
Mounting position horizontal or vertical
Additional description
Double Spin Technology - Cartridge with external rotor enabling simultaneous cleaning in lower and upper filter areas, visual function check possible
Balanced seat valve
Filtered water supplied even during reverse rinsing
Patented reverse rinsing system - fast and thorough cleaning of the filter with small amount of water
Memory ring indicates when next manual reverse rinsing is due
Automatic reverse rinsing actuator with bayonet connector can be retrofitted

Filter mesh size 100 micron
Description Additional Product Type
Rotatable connector piece in connection size R 3/4 DA74C-3/4A PDF
Rotatable connector piece in connection size R 1 DA74C-1A PDF
Rotatable connector piece in connection size R 1 1/4 DA74C-11/4A PDF
Intermediate connector for conversion of fine filters with rotatable connector pieces (R 1 1/4 and R 1 1/2) e.g. Cillit type 77 into retrofit FKN 76 CS filter combinations ZA76C-11/4 PDF
Automatic reverse rinsing actuator for automatic filter cleaning, 230 V, 50/60 Hz, 10 W, IP 55, with electrical plug Z11S-A PDF
Automatic reverse rinsing actuator for automatic filter cleaning, 24 V, 50/60 Hz, 10 W, IP 55, without electrical plug Z11S-B PDF
Red bronze filter bowl for temperatures up to 70 oC and up to 25 bar operating pressure FT09RS-1A PDF
Inlet check valve, connection size 3/4" RV277-3/4A PDF
Inlet check valve, connection size 1" RV277-1A PDF
Inlet check valve, connection size 11/4" RV277-11/4A PDF
Spare Parts
Description Additional Product Type
Pressure gauge with housing diameter 50 mm, connection thread G 1/4, range 0 - 16 bar M07M-A16 PDF
Filter insert complete for filters with double spin technology, filter mesh size 100 micron AF11DS-1A PDF
Valve insert complete (without filter) D06FA-1A PDF
Clear filter bowl complete KF11S-1A PDF
Ball valve complete KH11S-1A PDF
Drain connection AA76-1/2A PDF
Double ring wrench for removing filter bowl and spring bonnet ZR10K-1 PDF

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