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D06FI 감압밸브
Stainless steel pressure reducing valve with setpoint scale, D06FI
제품안내 Product Characteristic
Spring loaded pressure reducing valves operate by means of a force equalising system. The force of a diaphragm operates against the force of an adjustment spring. If the outlet pressure and therefore diaphragm force fall because water is drawn, the then greater force of the spring causes the valve to open. The outlet pressure then increases until the forces between the diaphragm and the spring are equal again.

The inlet pressure has no influence in either opening or closing of the valve. Because of this, inlet pressure fluctuation does not influence the outlet pressure, thus providing inlet pressure balancing.

Medium : Water, compressed air* and nitrogen* inconsideration of valid standards (e.g. DIN EN12502)

Inlet : pressure max. 16 bar with clear filter bowl , max. 25 bar with brass or stainless steel filter bowl
Outlet pressure :
- 1.5-6.0 bar - D06F, D06FI (preset to 3 bar)
- 0.5-2.0 bar - D06FN (preset to 1.5 bar)
- 1.5-12.0 bar - D06FH (preset to 5 bar)
- 0.5-3.0 bar - D06F-1/4ZA

Technical data
Opeating : Maximum 40°C with clear filter bowl
temperature : Maximum 70°C with brass or stainless steel filter bowl
Minimum pressure : 1.0 bar (D06F, D06FH, D06FI, D06F-1/4ZA)
drop : 0.5 bar (D06FN)
Connection size : 1/2' - 2' (D06F, D06FH, D06FI, D06FN) , 1/4' (D06F-1/4ZA)

* As part of an installation being approved according to PED requirements, this product must also be certified.

Approvals DVGW certified
Up to size 11/4' approved for low noise, Group 1 without limitations
Medium type water
Media Water, compressed air and nitrogen in consideration of valid standards (e.g. DIN EN 12502)
Body material stainless steel
Spring bonnet material synthetic material
Filter mesh 0,16 mm
Pressure setpoint range 1,5 ... 6 bar
Setpoint scale yes
Balanced seat design yes
Additional description
Outlet pressure preset to 3 bar
The outlet pressure is set by turning the adjustment knob
The set pressure is directly indicated on the set point scale
The adjustment spring is not in contact with the potable water
The valve insert is of high quality synthetic material and can be fully exchanged
Integral fine filter
Also available without fittings
Inlet pressure balancing - fluctuating inlet pressure does not influence outlet pressure
Light weight
Meets KTW recommendations for potable water

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