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D544P 감압밸브
Pressure regulator with piston balanced seat valve Standard pattern,powder coated
제품안내 Product Characteristic
Pressure regulators of this type protect downstream installations against excessive supply pressure. By using a pressure regulator, pressurization damage is avoided and water consumption reduced. The set pressure is also maintained constant, even when there is wide inlet pressure fluctuation. Because pressure regulators are subject to wear, they cannot be used as the only means of protection and if the downstream system needs to be protected against excessive pressure to prevent leakage, then a suitable safety valve must be fitted.


• Regulator with external adjustment spring.
• Adjustment spring can be changed during operation.
• Spring plate has ball bearings and rotates with movement.
• Up to DN 32 with integral strainer.
• Adjustment springs colour coded.
• Inlet pressure balancing - fluctuating inlet pressure does not influence outlet pressure.
• Valve body (DN 40 and larger) and regulator, powder coated inside and outside - Powder used is physiologically and toxicologically safe.
• Valve cuts off at zero flow.
• May also be used as a differential pressure regulator

Product Specifications
Application Pressure regulator with piston balanced seat valve Standard pattern,powder coated
Media water,air and steam
Port connection type flange
DN size DN15-DN150
Max. media temperature 150°C
Static pressure PN16
Body material Red bronze
Pressure setpoint range spring A=0.16-0.5bar yellow Spring B=0.3-1.3bar green Spring C=0.7--2.0bar red
Balanced seat design yes

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