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D03 감압밸브
감입밸브는 압력조절 스프링의 힘과 다이어프램의 힘이 균형을 이루면서 동작됩니다.
제품안내 Product Characteristic
Balanced 감압밸브 : 입구압 변화에 무관한 안정된 출구압 유지
Fully in Service : 배관 해체없이 내부 이물질 제거
DVGW 및 WRAS 인증 : 국제적으로 인증된 성능 구현
Seat부 합성 재료 적용 : 내부식 방지 및 대유로 확보

Body : 내아연 황동
스프링 bonnet : High-quality synthetic material
다이어프램 : 강화섬유 NBR
Seal : NBR
스프링 : 스테인레스 스틸
입구압 : 최대 16 bar
출구압 : 1.5~6 bar
사용온도 : 최대 70℃
Minimum pressure drop : 1 bar
밸브사이즈 : 1/2', 3/4'
접속 방식 : 암나사

20dBD03 pressure reducing valves protect household water installations against excessive pressure from the supply. They can also be used for industrial or commercial applications within the range of their specification. By installing a pressure reducing valve, pressurisation damage is avoided and water consumption is reduced. The set pressure is also maintained constant, even when there is wide inlet pressure fluctuation. Reduction of the operating pressure and maintaining it at a constant level minimizes flow noise in the installation.

Additional description

Operating temperature max. 40oC accord. to DIN EN 1567
- Good value and simple construction

- Outlet pressure adjustable adjustment screw

- The adjustment spring is not in contact with the potable water

- Inlet pressure balancing - fluctuating inlet pressure does not influence outlet pressure

- Meets ACS recommendations

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