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THERA-RTL T6102 환수온도조절밸브(RTL)
Thera-RTL (T6102) Return temperature limiter.
Return-temperature limiting thermostat with internal element. Good readability from every angle. Limiting and blocking of setpoint range without tools.
The Thera-RTL limits the return flow temperature of radiators or, in case of combined radiator/underfloor heating systems, the return flow temperature of underfloor heating loops.
제품안내 Product Characteristic
Setpoint blocking yes
Setpoint limiting yes
Body-head connection M30 x 1,5
Closing dimension 11,5 mm
Temp. element place internal
Temperature element wax-filled
Colour white to RAL9016
Temp. setpoint range 20 ... 50 oC
The temperature limiter consists of:
• Handwheel with lid and socket
• M30 x 1.5 connection and 11.5 mm closing dimension
• Sensor with support cage
• Spindle assembly
• Connection nut

• Handwheel, lid and socket made of plastic, white to
• Support cage and spindle construction made of plastic
• Sensor filled with wax
• Connection nut made of nickel-plated brass
Return temperature limiter are installed in the return of a radiator or underfloor heating loop. When the return flow temperature rises the valve closes and the flow through the heating loop is throttled. When the return flow temperature decreases the valve opens and the flow increases.

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